Thursday, April 20, 2017

Simple Traffic Machine


"Get Your Hands On The "Simple Traffic Machine" Our Members Use To Make Getting Insane Amounts Of Traffic To Their Websites Something They Can Do In Just Minutes A Week!" The Simple System Developed By An Overworked, Time Crunched Traffic Guy That Had All His Friends Jealously Referring To Him As "The Easy Traffic Guy". When It Comes To Traffic It Pays To Work Smarter - Not Harder! If you're even remotely short on traffic, time, or both then this is a message for you. regardless of what you've been told in the past - traffic doesn't have to be hard, or even take a long time to get good at! Right Now,

There Are  Integrated Programs, With More On The Way! Just Look At This Lineup:  AdTactics,  Email-Hog, ListBonus, ListBuildingMaximizer, ListJoe, ListJumper, ListNerds, ListOutbreak, and more on the way... As your new "control point" for managing your traffic efforts at these sites, This sites will log into your accounts for you, check your "time until next mailing" (so you'll know exactly when you can drive more traffic), and report back to you almost immediately. If you've tried to line up mailing times between systems you're a member of, then you already know what a hassle it is logging in to one account - seeing you have to wait another hour... logging in to your next account - seeing you have to wait another 15 minutes to mail, etc.

 It's a pain! But no longer - This sites will tell you in just seconds! And this is the best part... when you're ready to mail, you no longer need to log in to all of your accounts seperately, reformatting all of your first name tags in the subject line and message body... that's just too much work! Instead... you just enter a single email into our system, and we'll reformat all the tags for you based on which progams the message is going out to. Then we'll send all your messages for you while you go about your business! This is very, very powerful and will save you hours upon hours each and every week! Time is money, and Traffic Zipper makes the impossible possible - we give you more time! You've got to try it to believe it - and right now, you can try it completely Free! That's right - it won't cost you a cent to get started today. But there's lots more tools and time savers you're about to discover in the members' area. TZ has site rotators, banner rotators and more! Just wait until you see the Remote Downline Builder tool... This is cutting edge, and we've never seen another tool like it anywhere online. If you've joined a lot of programs with downline builders in them - then you already know what a pain it is when you sign up to a new system and have to go back through all of the programs you're already a member of... sort through to find the new program you just joined in their downline builder, and update your ID. 

It takes forever, especially as you get more and more accounts. Good news - that'll no longer be an issue! Our system will search all of the downline builders, for all of the sites you're a member with, and will then tell you where to update your IDs. And what's best... you can do them all form a single page in our system - fast and easy... And Our New Tracking Feature Is Going To Leave You Absolutely Speechless! This is perhaps one of the most powerful features of TZ... You now have the ability to track the results of all of the messages that you send from our system! So let's say you're mailing to all 20 of our integrated programs today. So you spend 5 minutes sending out your message, and then come back in a short while - log back in to your account and check your results... You'll be able to see how many people your message was sent to... how many \ clicks you got at each site... and if you place our conversion code on the appropriate pages of your site - you can even monitor how many opt-ins and sales you generated from each of the programs you mailed to - all from our very simple interface! This is incredibly powerful information, and will tell you how well your messages are working at each program, so you can tweak and refine for maximum results - and maximum profits! There's nothing else like it online - period. Time is Money - so if you're ready for more of both, get started right away with Traffic Zipper. You're going to be absolutely blown away. All you need to do to get started is fill out the simple sign up form below. register top


Monday, March 28, 2016



A wise old man was sitting at the river bank when he saw a cat that had fallen into the water, flailing around, trying to save itself from drowning. The man decided to save the cat. He stretched his hand out but was scratched by the cat. He pulled his hand back in pain. However, a minute later he stretched his hand out again to save the cat, but it scratched him again, and again he pulled his hand back in pain. Another minute later he was again trying for the third time!! A man, who was nearby watching what was happening, yelled out: "O wise man, you have not learned your lesson the first time, nor the second time, and now you are trying to save the cat a third time?" The wise man paid no heed to that man's scolding, and kept on trying until he managed to save the cat. He then walked over to the man, and patted his shoulder saying: "My son.. it is in the cat's nature to scratch, and it is in my nature to love and have sympathy. Why do you want me to let the cat's nature overcome mine? My son, treat people according to your nature, not according to theirs, no matter what they are like and no matter how numerous are their actions that harm you and cause you pain sometimes. And do not pay heed to all the voices that loudly call out to you to leave behind your good qualities merely because the other party is not deserving of your noble actions. So never regret the moments you gave happiness to someone, even if that person did not deserve it. Jesus treated us according to his nature thats why there is an Easter to celebrate! Lets do same
Happy Easter!!!😊


Tuesday, February 23, 2016

No Holds Barred Approach To Making Money Online!



As you might have guessed, affiliate search engine marketing has become one of the quickest ways to make a fast buck online. In fact, many business owners have jumped on the affiliate marketing bandwagon as a way to promote their companies.  

On the other hand, affiliate search engine marketing is a surefire way for anyone to begin a home-based business.  You see affiliate marketing is the best of both worlds.

Don?t worry; if this is the first time you?ve heard of this unique type of marketing you are not alone. But more on that later. You may not know this but search engine marketing has taken the world by storm.

Listen to me carefully now. Many people are using this technique successfully. But many others treat affiliate marketing like looking for a needle in a haystack. 

Bear with me as tell you how to get started.

Here goes?

For starters, you?ll be glad to know that affiliate search engine marketing is easy to understand. Quite simply, as an affiliate marketer you will be promoting websites and rewarded for sending visitors or customers to the site.

Understand this: compensation varies depending on the type of program you choose to promote. For instance, some websites will pay for every visitor you send to their site. However, other sites pay you a percentage of the sale of a product or service    
If you think that?s nothing, think again.  One sale could net you a profit of $50 or more. It?s true; some products are priced lower than that. But the beauty of affiliate programs is the fact that you get to choose which products you promote.

Honestly, you can choose to only promote programs that pay no less than $20. It?s all up to you.

Here?s something else. If you need a way to promote you home based business, affiliate marketing could be the diamond in the rough you?ve been looking for.

In this case you recruit affiliates to promote your site for you. And get this: you don?t have to pay them unless they meet certain criteria. For example you could pay them based on the action the customer performs such as filling out a form, or per sale.       

What this all boils down to is that you can get your site promoted for you with will little effort of your own.  Look, I?m not kidding around. The majority of business owners choose a pay per sale program.

Here is the reason why?they never have to pay out a dime unless the affiliate makes a sale. It?s a win-win situation for both.

And best of all, you can make a full time income promoting other companies products and services.  Just let this.  sink in for minute - affiliate search engine marketing may be one the best ways to become financially secure. But don?t take my word for it. Try it for yourself.

    I dedicate this article to lady Eni...

Monday, October 5, 2015

Affiliate Internet Marketing-Can Buy Some Happiness

Everybody is looking to get more money. As shallow as it may sound, money can buy happiness. It can buy the happiness that is peace of mind. Having money means you do not have to worry about paying your bills or not having health insurance. It means you can buy the things you want and go to the places you want. Money alone can not make you happy but it sure can help.
But making that kind of money is difficult, working a conventional job will not net you the kind of money you would like. So that is why so many people turn to the internet and make their own businesses. Using affiliate internet marketing to promote their websites and grow them. While online businesses can make you a lot of money, do not buy into the hype that it is some get rich quick scheme. Even if it is on the internet, it is still a business and you need to treat it as such. It will require a lot of time and effort to build up. To that end there are several tips you can follow to help you out. 1. Set work hours. While working whenever you want is nice, most of us lack the self discipline to actually do that. We would constantly go "oh I'll do that later" and when later comes, we will just say that again until the day is already over. So for most of us we need a more structured environment, which we can get from setting a specific schedule where we can work and use affiliate internet marketing to promote our websites. 2. Designate a work space. It is important to pick out an area in your house that will be used as your work area. Whether an officer or just a corner in a quiet area. Somewhere that you can go "ok, time for work." it can help get you in the right mindset and push aside distractions that might hamper your work. 3. Have the necessary tools. Working online means you need some software to help you out. There are all sorts of programs out there that can help you run your business, so making use of these are important if you plan on being competitive.
4. Connect with like minded individuals. There are a lot of people out there working on the same niche as you, and some of them will have already succeeded and be making money. Contacting them and asking them for help on how to affiliate internet marketing and any other questions you may have is important. 5. Maintain your health. This may seem a little silly and out of place, but when working online you and only you are responsible for the success of your business. If you get laid up from being sick, then your business suffers. As well the nature of your business means you will be spending a lot of time in your chair, staring at your monitor. Make sure to take breaks as needed and get enough exercise to compensate.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Oh me, oh my! My writer's well has sure run dry. Now what? Suggestions foroutsmarting writer's block

 Author's program note. Sooner or later EVERY writer will face the ordeal of the blank page and come up with -- nothing! At such a moment, you may well fall victim to malaise, running the spectrum from anxious to suicidal. The longer the seizure lasts, the worst these reactions will be, until one completely miserable day you reckon you can never write another word again... and this can bring on not only sadness but a kind of death from which, like the real thing, there is no escape.   To help you through this situation when it inevitably occurs, I am going to pack this article with one practical suggestion after another. You may not need them now; may not need them for a decade. But keep this article readily at hand for when you do. First suggestion. Use a special song to raise your mood and get you moving. Have a song easily available that makes you want to surge. I have a list of favorites, all selected for their proven ability to lift my spirits and put me in the mood to give something to humanity, something like the project I'm currently writing. "Maniac" from the 2001 film "Flashdance" featuring Michael Sembello always works. I indulge myself, acting kid crazy as everything conduces to get you.... your brain.... and your prose flowing again. You'll find this song in any search engine... turn it on, let yourself go, until you feel the unstoppable energy that this kind of insistent music delivers. Second suggestion. The minute you get nervous, frustrated, flustered, hot under the collar, STOP and STOP at once. The worst thing you can do is force yourself to write. Not only will the quality of what you're writing be tainted, but you'll hurt yourself and begin to think the writing game is not worth the candle, the worst possible conclusion. This particular advice can be very difficult to follow. After all, you've been productive before and aim to be productive again just as soon as possible.   Surely, if you force yourself to write you can push the blockage to one side and flow, right? Instead, sit down at your writing desk, write as much as you can that flows naturally. Stop when the flow ceases... ... even if you've only managed to write a single word. Pushing yourself during a block never works positively and can easily affect your self-esteem and self-confidence when the push doesn't work. Third Suggestion. Keep your regular writing hours, even if you cannot write your name on the page just now. Good habits are the key to good, constant, always flowing writing. Thus, it is important during draught days to do the precise things you did during the fat days. What you produce may not be substantial -- yet. But even if you find yourself in the position of Oscar Wilde ("in the morning I put in a comma; in the afternoon I took it out again.") that won't matter. Why? Because the most productive writers are like Pavlov's dogs... trained to write whilst in your sanctified writer's place. Fourth Suggestion. Still stalled? Do this! First of all, notice I use the word "stalled" to describe your current unproductive situation. It is a word that implies you were moving and the problem being solved you will regain your accustomed outcome... and peace of mind. Thus, when stalled do this... Take a walk around the park (if you're lucky enough like me to have one right out the front door, so much the better). Find yourself a shaded bench where the view is congenial. Take out the pad and paper every writer must always carry; select an object and -- describe it, fully, completely, without leaving anything out of your description... writing not only factually but with as much lyric beauty as you can draw from the "dry" well at the moment. The simple task of describing the flower bed at your feet starts the productive juices flowing... even if you're able, just now, to write only a single word (tree) with just one adjective (green). The thousand mile journey starts with the single step; yours starts with a single word... and any word will do. Fifth Suggestion. Copy a page of another's prose... to get you moving. Nothing happening so far to get your stalled skills working productively again? No worries! Take a passage from a favorite book or article, open a file and enter this text. As you do, engaging brain and nimble fingers, you're performing a function all prose writers regularly do, in my case almost daily, that is entering reference material. When you've finished so entering a block of text, go on and comment on what you've entered. What was good about the passage entered, what was bad, what inspired, what underwhelmed? In just a minute or two, you're writing... perhaps not yet up to your usual level. But what of that? Your creative faculties are working; your imagination is working, your fingers are working... and soon the flow of new ideas, new insights, new observations and new perceptions will be working, perhaps even better than before. Sixth Suggestion. Read from your own prose. Far too many writers fail to read their prose aloud. This is bad for several reasons, including to make sure all sentences are balanced, harmonious, with every word the right word. Merely reading your prose cannot deliver the optimum result; reading aloud can. Thus, pick up the first page of anything you've written, not necessarily lately either. When you've finished reciting this page, sit down at your computer and write a second page to accompany what you've already written and read. Again, by positively positioning yourself and doing your usual tasks, you ease back into your stride and the production and presentation of the right words in the right order. And if none of this works? Seventh Suggestion.    Close, relax, start again tomorrow. With the best will in the world and the diligent adherence to these recommendations, your block may not end in a day, a week or even a month. Thus must you continue to implement these suggestions even when they may not be immediately helpful. Therefore, begin each writing day as you always have, at your usual time, and with your usual matutinal rites. Do not skip a single one. Similarly eat at the usual times; run your usual errands in the usual way. And above all, close your shop at the usual time with the usual activities, such as preparing reference materials for next day usage. Never stay up late forcing yourself every step of the way; that may well have been a contributing factor to the blockage in the first place. Guaranteed results. Follow these steps, and I guarantee your days of obstacles, impediments, blocks and absolutely no progress will be history soon enough. Moreover, because you have experienced what is often a terrifying situation, you are better prepared to see it coming and take immediate action to overcome it. Once you do, dance the "Maniac" gyrations for yourself. They'll put you in just the right frame of mind to produce that Niagara of high energy language, the kind your readers are thrilled you never stop writing and always produce so predictably and so well.

Monday, September 7, 2015

What's Your Social Signal? A primer for using social media.

Before the Internet came along, people would look you in the eye and size you up based on your appearance or perhaps your handshake. 

These days people judge you based on your Social Signal without possibly ever having met you. This time, there really may be no second chance to correct the wrong message.

What's your social signal?

It's the vibe, the feeling, the sense that you give off from your social media posts.
It's your online "first impression". 

That's right, it used to be said that people made a judgement about you in the first 30 seconds of meeting you.

Now they review your social media posts on Twitter and Facebook and form an impression of you immediately and sometimes permanently.

So think about this in the context of being a business owner. Think about what you are posting or not posting, both reveal something about you and your business.

Negative posts reflect poorly on you not just now.  Long after you're gone, negative, impulsive, ill-advised posts or rants can live on.

Not posting or not using social media can also be a problem.

The kinds of things you post online form a picture about you, your personality, your interests, what matters to you, your ideas, beliefs and personal and business philosophies.
And not just to your friends, but to the the world at large, potential employers, your neighbors, associates, customers, friends and family.
Online posts - good and bad - can last forever.

The good news is YOU can control the content. You can create the conversation. You can build a lasting positive Social Signal that conveys the right image for yourself and your company.

One of the downsides to social media is it that it's INSTANT and LASTING. Censor your posts in consideration for the viewpoint of the reader. After-all successful business owners know that its more about your customer then just being about you. Positive, honest connections with people lead to more profitable long term business relationships and happy customers.

So what do you post to give off the right Social Signal?

Post and share, tweet or retweet  positive, genuine stories, and images.

Share images of yourself, your staff, your community projects, your volunteerism, your products.

Video sharing is encouraged for promoting your company, products and services. Videos don't have to be ultra professional, a simple web cam will do and a sincere script will work.  An honest unpolished approach is refreshing and appreciated by a smart public.  Search engines gobble up video content, so produce and share good quality videos with useful content.

Be sensitive and thoughtful in your posts in what you say and how you say it.  It's a lot easier to take a few moments to consider the best choice of words, then it is to issue an apology - if you even get the chance.

If you comment on other social media posts, make them positive statements, helpful, not negative.

If you have a company blog, produce useful content, images and video to both  help your current customers and draw in new customers (and search engine indexers too).

If you are a business owner or consultant, make your posts about your business, present yourself as an expert, whatever it is you know about, share it.
It doesn't matter if you are a dog groomer, or an exterminator, make your social posts work to promote a positive image of you and your services.

In the online stage, helping is not only well advised it makes good business sense. Help your customers, help your prospects, help yourself by creating a positive Social Signal.

I often hear from people who don't see the value of Twitter, or who think Facebook is a waste of time. Ok that's your opinion, and you are welcome to it but understand that the rest of the world IS using those services. Those people are your prospective customers, now and in the future. Those people DO use those services and want to connect with businesses using that medium. You can't ignore this opportunity to grow your business, and reach a worldwide market that is growing and demanding more convenient communication and access.   So by NOT having a Facebook account, or a Facebook Fan page for your company or Twitter account, Linked In account, Instagram account and so forth, you are missing out on business opportunities and connections with your customers.    In this way NOT posting ALSO plays a role in creating your Social Signal. It sends the wrong signal to your customers that you don't care about connecting with them, that you don't have an online presence, and you aren't keeping up with the times and needs of your customers. It makes your business (and you) look outdated, behind the times, unavailable, unaccountable.

So having read this,  ask yourself, "What's my Social Signal" What message am I sending about myself, or my business?  How will people judge me based on my social media presence?

Why not make your Social Signal and your online impression the best it can be. just like one of my student that make 50,000 view impression from face book alone this week . make your Social Signal you ID.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Choosing Blogs To Comment On

It’s fairly well know in the internet marketing world that commenting on blogs is
 a good way to generate traffic and backlinks, as well as making yourself known in
 your niche and building good relationships with other blog owners. However whilst
blog commenting is an effective method, choosing blogs to comment
on (ie. choosing the right ones) is paramount to your success.


The first thing you should think about is your target audience.  What sorts of blogs
 are your market interested in? Whilst it is a given that you should comment on blogs
 which are in the same niche as yourself, you can widen it a little. For example, consider
 also posting comments on blogs which are in a different niche but which have the same or
 similar target audience.
Once you have found a possible blog, the first thing to consider is how active it is. I try
 to comment on blogs that are well known in the niche and which are posted to
 regularly, after all there is little point commenting on a blog where the last post
 was made 12 months ago!
Look at how many comments the blog already gets. An active community means that people are
getting involved and a high number of people will see your comments.  It also makes it easier
 to post comments since you can pick up on what other people are saying and you
 can debate their points.
When choosing blogs to comment on, it is also important to look at the amount of useful content
 contained on the blog in question. Many blogs exist as pure advertising ploys
 (you know the ones I am talking about – blogs which have tons of advertisements and affiliate
 links but very little useful information.) These are the ones to avoid.
 You ideally want to seek out the blogs which people look at as an authority source. By commenting
 on these blogs you will associate
 yourself with quality content and develop your own reputation.
     you can start to make your comment here.....