Thursday, April 20, 2017

Simple Traffic Machine


"Get Your Hands On The "Simple Traffic Machine" Our Members Use To Make Getting Insane Amounts Of Traffic To Their Websites Something They Can Do In Just Minutes A Week!" The Simple System Developed By An Overworked, Time Crunched Traffic Guy That Had All His Friends Jealously Referring To Him As "The Easy Traffic Guy". When It Comes To Traffic It Pays To Work Smarter - Not Harder! If you're even remotely short on traffic, time, or both then this is a message for you. regardless of what you've been told in the past - traffic doesn't have to be hard, or even take a long time to get good at! Right Now,

There Are  Integrated Programs, With More On The Way! Just Look At This Lineup:  AdTactics,  Email-Hog, ListBonus, ListBuildingMaximizer, ListJoe, ListJumper, ListNerds, ListOutbreak, and more on the way... As your new "control point" for managing your traffic efforts at these sites, This sites will log into your accounts for you, check your "time until next mailing" (so you'll know exactly when you can drive more traffic), and report back to you almost immediately. If you've tried to line up mailing times between systems you're a member of, then you already know what a hassle it is logging in to one account - seeing you have to wait another hour... logging in to your next account - seeing you have to wait another 15 minutes to mail, etc.

 It's a pain! But no longer - This sites will tell you in just seconds! And this is the best part... when you're ready to mail, you no longer need to log in to all of your accounts seperately, reformatting all of your first name tags in the subject line and message body... that's just too much work! Instead... you just enter a single email into our system, and we'll reformat all the tags for you based on which progams the message is going out to. Then we'll send all your messages for you while you go about your business! This is very, very powerful and will save you hours upon hours each and every week! Time is money, and Traffic Zipper makes the impossible possible - we give you more time! You've got to try it to believe it - and right now, you can try it completely Free! That's right - it won't cost you a cent to get started today. But there's lots more tools and time savers you're about to discover in the members' area. TZ has site rotators, banner rotators and more! Just wait until you see the Remote Downline Builder tool... This is cutting edge, and we've never seen another tool like it anywhere online. If you've joined a lot of programs with downline builders in them - then you already know what a pain it is when you sign up to a new system and have to go back through all of the programs you're already a member of... sort through to find the new program you just joined in their downline builder, and update your ID. 

It takes forever, especially as you get more and more accounts. Good news - that'll no longer be an issue! Our system will search all of the downline builders, for all of the sites you're a member with, and will then tell you where to update your IDs. And what's best... you can do them all form a single page in our system - fast and easy... And Our New Tracking Feature Is Going To Leave You Absolutely Speechless! This is perhaps one of the most powerful features of TZ... You now have the ability to track the results of all of the messages that you send from our system! So let's say you're mailing to all 20 of our integrated programs today. So you spend 5 minutes sending out your message, and then come back in a short while - log back in to your account and check your results... You'll be able to see how many people your message was sent to... how many \ clicks you got at each site... and if you place our conversion code on the appropriate pages of your site - you can even monitor how many opt-ins and sales you generated from each of the programs you mailed to - all from our very simple interface! This is incredibly powerful information, and will tell you how well your messages are working at each program, so you can tweak and refine for maximum results - and maximum profits! There's nothing else like it online - period. Time is Money - so if you're ready for more of both, get started right away with Traffic Zipper. You're going to be absolutely blown away. All you need to do to get started is fill out the simple sign up form below. register top